All equipment can be provided for you for your trip including rods(quality New Zealand made Composite developments rods) Breathable waders, boots etc.


Fly fishing equipment to bring on your trout fishing trip to New Zealand

Minimum to bring: Warm clothing, rain jacket, Wide brim hat, Polaroid sunglasses, and a camera(optional).

Whenever possible clothing and equipment should be natural subdued colours, this is to reduce the visibility of the angler to the trout. The clear water mean New Zealand trout can spook very easily.


Recommended gear to bring

If you would like to bring your own fly fishing equipment here is a list of recommended items.

Rod 9' 5-6 wt recommended for summer. 9' 7-8 wt recommended for winter on the Taupo tributaries.

Lines 5-6wt summer/7-8wt winter to suite rod.

Waders Breathable waders and boots are suitable for use all year.

Fly fishing Flies Hare and copper, Pheasant tail, Hares ear, and Bead head patterns.Dry Flys - Adams, Parachute adams, Royal Wulff, Caddis and Cicada imitations. Flies are supplied at no charge but feel free to bring your own favorites.

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